Alex Jones Reveals That Gavin McInnes Is A Failed Stand Up Comic

On the November 17, 2017 show, Alex Jones was speaking with Candace Owens, and the conversation started to cover a recent right wing conference that Candace recently attended. She saw such amazing speakers as Ann Coulter and David Horowitz, but one stood out in their hilarity: Gavin McInnes.

Anyone who has any passing awareness of Gavin, the leader of The Proud Boys, can tell just by looking at him that he wishes he was funny. His videos are chock-full of forced offensiveness and a smarmy tone that is meant to be a facsimile of humor. It is a strategy and tone that is very common on the conservative side of things, mostly because conservatism and humor are just entirely incompatible. Most people think that the reason for that is that conservatism is largely about looking backward, and punching down (supporting corporate interests over the individual worker, for example), and those things are the sorts of things that don't elicit laughter, except from very bad people.

However, until now, I had not realized that Gavin had actually tried to be a stand up comic, but quit when "he became a libertarian." That revelation explains so much.

First, there is no way that is why he quit, or as Alex says, why "he was banned." That's why everyone quits; it's always that they are too edgy, not that they aren't funny enough. Succeeding in stand up is very, very hard. Most people can't do it, and unfortunately, too many entitled white dudes who can't make it to that next level sublimate those feelings of failure into persecution worldviews. It is easier than admitting that you just weren't good enough.

We saw this in the aftermath of the Charlottesville protest, in the case of Christopher Cantwell, the Nazi that was interviewed by Vice. Unsurprisingly, it turned out that this ball of racist hate had a past history of failing as a comedian.

And of course, let's not forget about this guy:

[We can't embed the video of Alex doing stand up, but you can find it here]

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