Alex Jones Has Secret Information That Donald Trump Is Not A Racist

On his show from November 17th, 2017, Alex Jones claimed that he had "behind the scenes" information that Donald Trump is not a racist.

That is fantastic, and while we are thrilled to hear that Roger Stone has told Alex not to worry about Trump being a racist, but quite frankly, the reality of Trump's history just does not match up to that of a non-racist.

Donald Trump, throughout his career, has followed a track that has led him to treat minorities very, very different from white people. From the housing discrimination, to his father (his role model)'s history of housing discrimination, to his comments about the Central Park 5, there is a consistent pattern of not valuing minorities in any real way throughout his past.

But, I know, those are just concrete instances of times that Trump got in trouble for doing racist shit. Those are actions, they don't indicate that he, at his core, is a "racist." Well, the following video documents many times over the years that he has expressed his beliefs in eugenics, as it relates to being a successful human, going so far as to say "I'm glad I have that German blood...great stuff."

I don't care what Roger whispered in Alex Jones' ear over brunch. When a person has a decades long track record of acting in racist ways, and a decades long documented history of believing in race-based pseudo-science, you kind of have to call them a racist, and Alex Jones either agrees with that racism or is the biggest idiot in the world to not see all the signs in front of his face that he is being conned.

Or maybe, Alex just thinks that all the black people that Donald Trump wouldn't rent apartments to were just trying to dominate him?

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