Alex Jones Thinks That Adults Dating Teens Is "Normal Courtship"

On the November 16, 2017 episode of his show, Alex Jones went full on in defending the actions of Roy Moore. In this clip, he:

1) Pretends that the women accusing Roy Moore are "democratic operatives" (they aren't)
2) Pretends that the very real evidence these women have provided is fake (it is not fake)
2) Engages in "What-about-ism," acting as if the actions of Bill Clinton somehow excuse Roy Moore's.
3) Says that a 35 year old dating a 16 year old is "creepy, but legal." Coming from Alex "All Liberals Are Pedophiles" Jones, this line of logic makes no sense. Also, that very same behavior, in about 20 states in this country is very much creepy and totally illegal.

At the end of the clip, he asserts that what the liberals attacking Moore (in Alex's conception, that's who is coming out against him, not women who he victimized) are doing so because he is engaging in "normal heterosexual courtship."

For him to equate aggressively trying to "date" children when you are an adult to "normal courtship" is an incredibly fucked up bridge for Alex to be willing to cross in order to defend a political ally, and to me, this speaks to Alex's lack of principles and how vulnerable he feels about his "team's" political viability. 

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